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Hotel Distribution Management System™

The most advanced Web solution for Chains and Independent Hotels

These are challenging times. Every Chain Executive, Reservation Manager and Revenue Manager has his hands full searching for new revenue-generating solutions. These days, Chains and Hotels cannot afford to market the same way they did 20 years ago. Univisit has developed a dynamic, web-based marketing system that empowers hotels with an advanced distribution solution similar to that used by the largest hospitality groups…..only better. This level of technology is vital to compete in today's market.

Univisit's tools, described below, provide a solution that can immediately increase revenue anywhere from 5-20%, or even more.

Empower your Hotel Chain or property with:

  1. Single Image Inventory Database - The Univisit HDMS offers a single image inventory database that incorporates the entire range of distribution channels, including GDS, OTA, PMS, the Hotel Reservation Website and the Call Center. This eliminates the need for multiple software providers and separate inventories.
  2. Low GDS Fees - The Univisit HDMS provides real-time connectivity to the GDS and OTA/ADS channels, providing a saving of up to 50% over other GDS rep companies.
  3. Group and Corporate Travel - A unique system of personalized access for corporate groups and events, as well as travel agencies and affiliated sites on the Internet.
  4. Dynamic Packaging – Univisit’s HDMS includes a robust Brand Website and Booking Engine, utilizing a unique Super-CRS that empowers your chain with Dynamic Packaging for most activities such as tours, fishing, golf, auto rental, and in some cases, airlines. 60% of today’s travelers book additional services through third-party websites. With our unique HDMS, you can offer these same value-added services and earn commissions of 10-30% for each service, creating a significant new revenue stream for your Chain
  5. iPhone Booking - Univisit includes mobile device applications for travelers, including real-time availability and reservation information for your hotel via iPhone, Blackberry and Android operating systems.

Achieving the level of technology provided by the Univisit HDMS is vital to compete in today’s market. Hotels can now enjoy all the benefits of the same advanced technology that, until now, was only available to larger competitors.  Every industry has its evolution and the hotel industry is no different.  Call us today to take advantage of Univisit’s Next Generation solutions. Save transaction fees and increase RevPar!


UNIVISIT CRS - Single Image Inventory for Hotels

Hotel Distribution Management System