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Channel Management

Hotel Chains ... Stop the enormous annual loss

"Experts agree that the average annual losses are around 10%."

The allocation of inventories by the hotel continues to be for many chains and independents a very costly and consistently overlooked process within the hotels administration. Allotments to each sales channel such as, the hotels website, GDS, wholesalers, OTA (online travel agencies), airlines and travel agencies, require the guarantee of a certain number of rooms or each type. In many cases, there are as many as 15 or more different channels that need 24/7 supervision. Since these allocations are static, fixed price rates, the only way to increase a room rate in each channel is manually that herein lays the problem of incessant human error. Additionally, since each channel is not expected to sell 100% of their allocation, more rooms are allocated than exist in the hotel.

Hyatt was losing over $50 Million a year not having this solution

As a result following are some of the errors that occur that greatly reduce hotel revenue.

All of these issues are resolved by Univisit through our HDMS and Internet Power, seamlessly connecting your distribution channels to your PMS

With today's available technology, Channel Management is a must for any hotel or hotel chain. Ease of management and reduction of errors will result in large revenue increases. If your channel management system does not do the things listed above call us today. You will be money ahead!



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